Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Smile ... you're on Candid Robbery!

The latest brain wave by our fine city is to encourage gun owners to turn in their guns in exchange for a digital camera. Henry's will provide one of two digital cameras to anyone who hands over a gun - legal or otherwise. The bigger the gun, the better the camera. I can almost hear the barker at the CNE. Step right up, folks! Step right up! Ya pays your gun, ya gets yer camera!!

The Husband and I were getting ready for work this morning when this was announced on Breakfast Television. At the end of the pitch, the announcer emphasized that "people are asked NOT to bring their guns to Henry's. Rather, please contact ..."

"Knew that was coming!" says The Husband, laughing. "Can you just picture some schmuck showing up at Henry's with his gun cuz he doesn't want to deal with the police? The staff at Henry's will be impressed. Hey! If you do it right, you could get a free camera AND still keep your gun!"

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Gill - That British Woman said...

I saw this too and thought, you have to be joking!!!! However, nothing surprises me in this crazy city......I live in the "burbs, so not technically the city.

And you know the kicker to all this.I just spent nearly $600 on a new camera a couple of months ago......I should have just popped over to my local highschool and bought a cheap gun off one of the kids and then traded it in, it would have been cheaper.......I'm being funny here!!

Gill in Canada/Southern Ontario/in the 'burbs of T.O.