Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Mystery of the Disappearing TP

I discovered a new blog site and commented on one of her posts (my apologies and thanks for stealing your idea Moosh!). Which got me thinking ...

It has become a family joke that I always ... and I mean ALWAYS ... have to change the tp roll wherever I go. It doesn't matter where I am. Visiting friends and family. Public washrooms. Hotels. Wherever. The roll is always down to a few squares when I sit down to do my bizness.

I am TP Girl! I'm thinking of getting a cape. Da dada daaaaa!! Maybe BJ will bedazzle a TP logo onto it for me.

I had to change the tp roll at home several days in a row. Every time I sat down, the roll needed changing. I started to get concerned that there was something wrong with The Husband. I mean, really, I put on a fresh tp roll and the very next day it needs changing? Clearly the man is eating too much fibre! This went on for about three or four days. New roll, next day, tp gone.

So I figure I need to have a chat with The Husband.

Me: "Um. Hun ... Are you ok?"
TH: "What??"
Me: "Well, it's just that we've been going through a lot of toilet paper lately and if you're not feeling well ..."

I can't finish the sentence because he's laughing hysterically now.

"I've been replacing the roll with an empty one!" More laughter.

*sigh* And my friends wonder why I'm in therapy.


Anonymous said...

So I'm wondering what is the Husband doing with all the half finished rolls he replaces with the empty one???

moosh in indy. said...

I love that you worked TP and a Bedazzler into a single post.
That would be an AWESOME cape.