Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Pet Peeve #2C - Hush Now, Voices Carry

Why some people even bother to have cell phones is beyond me. These Talkers are speaking so loudly that I'm sure everyone within a five mile radius can hear them. No phone necessary.

For the love of God, people, use your Inside Voice when talking on your cell phones. The speakers on cell phones are quite powerful and the person on the other end of the line can hear you just fine. If they can't hear you, it's more likely a signal problem. Shouting "Can you hear me now?!" louder and louder is not going to make the signal any clearer.

Not everyone needs to know your business either. Loud and personal calls made in public are both annoying and a breach of privacy. I'm sure that the person you are bitching about wouldn't appreciate you airing out their dirty laundry.

Case in point:

I was on the GO Train. Sitting in my quad were three other women, plus a fifth woman sitting in the quad across the aisle. The woman (not a teenager, but someone in her late 20s) sitting across from me immediately flips open her phone and starts talking -- VERY LOUDLY -- about Tyler.

I don't know who Tyler is, but he invited his girlfriend to this party last weekend and Sarah was really pissed off cuz she's Tyler's ex and the new chick is creating drama for everyone cuz no one likes her and Tyler's just parading her in front of everyone and now Sarah's not talking to Amanda cuz Amanda said she kinda liked the new chick and What The Hell Is Up With That doesn't she realize that Tyler's an asshole and he's going to bring this new broad to his parent's house for Thanksgiving and what about the cottage is everyone there going to get along cuz if everyone's going to just fight then it's going to be a disaster ...

The three other women and I were all trying to read. It was as though we all telepathically sent a message to each other. We all glanced up and gave each other the eye. All three of us sighed very loudly, made a big production of closing our books, slapping them down on our laps and all stared up at the ceiling until this stupid woman was done her conversation. Every once in a while one of us would let out an audible sigh. 15 minutes we sat there. 15 minutes I tell you! People were looking over their shoulders to see who was making so much noise. She didn't get the hint.

And this happens Every. Single. Day.

I just want to walk up to these stupid people, yank the phone out of their hands and shout "STOP IT! Stop It! Stop It! Stop It!" Like that crazy flight attendant in the Nicoderm commercial.

I know exactly how she feels and I don't even smoke!

I probably should start drinking, though.


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Clippy Mat said...

makes my pet peeve list too.
the nicoderm commercial is my favourite.
are we related?