Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Pet Peeve #2B - Shut Up and Drive!

I have walked behind countless people in shopping malls or on the sidewalk while they are talking on the phone. These talkers are weaving like drunken sailors and bumping into other pedestrians. People are swerving out of their way to avoid colliding into them. The talkers often stop suddenly to get their bearings, gazing about with a look of wonder that clearly says 'How did I get here?'

You can't even walk and talk on the phone. What the hell makes you think you can DRIVE and talk on the phone?!

I know there are times when you need to make or take a call. I've done it. But having an entire conversation while driving is not appropriate.

Make the call that tells your spouse/boss/children that you're running late, but make it quick and hang up. Don't call your friends to pontificate on the meaning of life or chatter on about the great sale you were at last week. Don't call clients to close that big deal.

Besides, if you want to properly gossip with your girlfriends, then you really should have a good glass of wine or a martini in your hand! And I'm pretty sure there's a law or two against doing that while driving.


Alex said...

what's with all the frustration girlfriend.
do you need to get laid???

you are the one who tells me to be positive...
I truly believe that the way we handle situations is the type of person we are. (clearly I need work). lol

I guess I miss your funny stories to get me through the day.

frantastic said...

meh - this one could have been better ... not feeling peeve #2b (sorry).


Crazy Mo said...

If I told people how I really felt, I'd probably lose friends! Both of them!!

Clippy Mat said...

i hate it when people drive and talk on the phone.
but sometimes,
I have to do it.
but it's ok if it's me.

Crazy Mo said...

Welllll ... alright. Just cuz it's you, Clippy Mat. But I'm telling you now, if you're in front of me, driving like an old bitty in the left lane, I'm flippin' you the bird as I cut you off. No offence, of course.