Friday, February 26, 2010


Walking to the office today,
GTB noticed there were Road Closed signs
sitting on the median,
waiting to be put in place.

He pointed them out,
wondering if they were doing construction.

I suggested it was probably a photo shoot.
Morgan Freeman and Bruce Willis
are reportedly in town filming.

As we approached my building,
there was a line up of cars:

We live in Toronto,
not Chicago.
So, unless these guys are lost,
or they heard that Tim Hortons makes great coffee,
I'm pretty sure I was right about the filming.

Me being right doesn't happen too often.
Ask TH.

GTB questioned whether the cars were
parked overnight specifically
to have them snow-covered.
Then he suggested we clean them off
and see what happens.
Or better yet...
write something naughty in the snow.

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