Monday, February 1, 2010

Another Nummy Treat

Lady Fairchilde wanders down to Starbucks the other day.
She is our resident Cupcake Expert.
On more levels than one.
Keep reading.
You'll understand why in a moment.

On the first--and foremost--level,
she makes the most yummy cupcakes.
She sold out at our craft show.
Even had one man come back for seconds.
If I'm not mistaken,
he even proposed to her.

But I digress.
We're back at Starbucks.
With Lady Fairchilde.

Robi, Courtini and I told her
(in great detail!)
about the Cupcake that works there.

Our Lady is on a mission.
Her boss has sent her for "a wet latte".

Don't jump ahead!
Let me tell the story!!

Lady Fairchilde orders her wet latte.
Strolls over to the Barista counter
where our resident Cupcake
is diligently working.
He hands her the latte and says,
with a devilish grin,
"Tell me if that's wet enough."

Lady Fairchilde admits that
a million things went through her mind.
Including the coquettish retort:
"Well, baby,
if anyone can make it wet enough,
you can."

But (sigh) she said nothing.
In fact,
I think she muttered
something about it being
her boss's latte
and she was sure it was fine.

Only Lady Fairchilde
can get into these situations.
And ... she was as red as
the Red Velvet cupcake she bought that day!

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