Friday, February 12, 2010

More Valentines!

Robi put on her Saint Valentine hat
and handed out treats.


First she hands one to Cortini.
Cortini looks at the package.
See ... top left corner:

"It pops red," Robi points out, as she hands me my package.

"Shut up!" I shout.

Then Devi walks by. Robi hands her a package.

"It pops red," Cortini and I say together.

"Shut up!" shouts Devi.

Robi calls Lady Fairchilde over and hands her a package.

"It pops up red," we all chant.

"Shut up!" shouts Lady Fairchilde.

Well, Kernels, you have outdone yourself.

Shut up, everyone.
Shut up, indeed.


Pearl said...

Wait a minute. So you all are saying it pops up red?!



French Shelter said...

I love "shut up!"

I just do.