Thursday, March 4, 2010

Birds & Bees, Goats & Sheep

Unless you live in a cave,
you've heard of FarmVille.

In the event you are a cave-dweller,
FarmVille is a community game on FaceBook.
Players have a farm,
they plant and harvest crops,
raise animals,
purchase and organize buildings.

As ridiculous as it sounds,
everyone I know who farms,
is seriously addicted.

Me included.

For those of you not in the know,
I must explain something
before I tell you my story.
When you add animals to your farm
you have the option of making them stay in place,
or letting them roam around.

Remember that.
It's important.

Yesterday, I get a call from Lady Fairchilde.
She whispers into the phone,
barely able to contain her excitement.

"Cousin Alex has a DONKEY!
How did she get a donkey?!"

I rush over to LF's desk to see.
Sure enough, Cousin Alex has a donkey.
Very cool.

But then LF notices something else.

FarmVille allows you to
take pictures of your farm.
So LF takes a snapshot,
and posts it to Cousin Alex.

Look closely:

LF posts beneath the picture:

"How the heck did you get a DONKEY ... and just what is that goat doing to the luv ewe???"

Cousin Alex responds:

"The Donkey came out of the golden egg silly,
and it is a luv ewe!!!
That's why all the other animals turned around... lol"

Of course the donkey came from a Golden Egg.
Where else would it come from?
The stork?

Cousin Alex confirmed that she doesn't 'stay' her animals,
that they roam around on their own.
That makes it even funnier!
Then she points out:

"I love the black chicken that's bent down
to see everything under the fence...
Nosy chick! lol"

I started really looking at the picture.
ALL the chickens are watching!
Like it's some live X-rated play.

And what about the little pink calf?
She's going to need therapy for a long time!


lady fairchilde said...

LOLZ - we kill me!

Anonymous said...

I managed to quit FarmVille right after I saw the woman on Dr. Phil that was seriously addicted to the game. I didn't want to go over the edge like that. And I too was concerned that some of my roaming livestock were going to create new and unprecedented branches of animal husbandry.

C said...

all my peeps at work do farmville and it cracks me up, cuz they are SO serious about. i think they spend every free moment farming. i just cant into it... but it is cute!