Friday, March 19, 2010

Daily XXXword

I had lunch today with Lady Fairchilde.
I use the term 'lunch' quite loosely.

What I mean to say is that I got to leave the office,
go to a fast food place,
and buy some food.
I even got to eat it.

This is quite miraculous,
given that I haven't had lunch in three weeks.
You'd think this would be
a great weight-loss programme.
It's not.

But I digress.
As usual.

Walking back from getting said lunch,
LF tells me about a crossword puzzle
she was working on yesterday.

"It was all about sex," she says.
And she mentions some of the words,
which I thought were funny.

Then she sends me a copy of the puzzle:

That is frickin' hilarious!

Either the guy who wrote this puzzle
is getting too much,
or not enough.

Either way,
Puzzle Boy has some dominance issues.

I'm a little surprised
'SPANK' wasn't in there somewhere.

There is 'DOG' though.

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