Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Coffee Cup Size

Robi and I went down to Timmie's for coffee.
That's Tim Horton's for all you Americans.

I take my coffee black.
I can drink it with milk or cream if I have to,
but sugar makes me gag.

Robi gets a Double-Double.

I know that this is a Canadian phenomenon.
And for those of you not in the know,
a Double-Double is a coffee with
Double Cream and
Double Sugar.

I know.
I'm shuddering just thinking about it.

So we get our coffees...

The Timmie's downstairs was quite busy this morning.
Not that it's not usually busy,
it was just more so today.

So they label our coffees for us:

This is mine...Black:

This is Robi's...Double-Double:

But, of course, I can't help but notice
how wrong these labels are.

Cuz, let me tell you, my friends...

There's no way I am now,
nor have I ever been,
a B.

And, God love her,
but Robi's not
a DD.

I think someone mixed up our lids.


Sarah D. said...

This happened to me the other day too - my hubby likes his black also. I laughed because his "B" looked like a loveheart.

Marie said...

haha that is so funny i ahve never seen that done.but i am not that into cofee