Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Duke-ing it Out

When I joined this department last year,
Boss #1 insisted that I join the NCAA March Madness pool.

I don't know anything about basketball, I insisted.
Doesn't matter, he assured me.

So I paid my $10.
And I picked my teams.

Last year, I had Michigan State going all the way.
North Carolina ended up winning,
but I won the pool anyway,
simply because I had Michigan State in the finals,
and a lot of my other picks were good.

People were pissed that me -- a newbie -- won.
"Why Michigan State?" they all asked.
"Um ... cuz I've been to Michigan,
and ... um ... I had a good time."

There was a lot of eye-rolling.
And I think I learned a few new swear words.

This year, I was positive my $10 was a donation.
There's no way I can win two years in a row.
I mean, I really know NOTHING about basketball.
It's a bunch of really tall guys,
bouncing a brown ball around,
making squeaking noise when they run.

But I was wrong.
Not about the tall-guy part ...
about not winning two years in a row.

Before tip off last night,
I was in second place.
It didn't matter who won,
I was coming in second.

I had Duke going all the way.
And Duke went all the way.

I don't think they're going to let me play next year.

And the reason I picked Duke?

Well ... North Carolina won last year.
And Duke University is in NC.
It's just logical.

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