Friday, April 9, 2010

Go, Helen, Go!

GO Transit recently changed the schedules.
Juggled them around to add an extra train to our line.
They cancelled my normal train, but added one
several minutes before and
several minutes after.

It was enough of a difference that
I made the choice to come in even earlier.
So I'm catching the 7:03.

Sadly, GTB is catching a later train.
And I miss our morning bitch sessions.
Sending visual daggers at the morons who
talk too loud,
play pop music on their cell phones,
and insist on encroaching on your personal space.

I really missed him this morning ...

It was a wonderfully quiet ride in.
Everyone was sleeping or reading.
The few people who were talking were whispering.
It was bliss.

And it was shattered in the last 10 minutes of the ride.

Hello, Helen.
Thought I'd call you and say hi.
Yes, I did try to call you.
Just a few minutes ago.
Yes, I thought I'd call and say hi."

Heads snap up at the intrusion.
We look around to see who's shouting.

Some idiot, three quads away from me,
is talking very loudly on the phone.

He starts telling Helen about his headaches,
and how the medication the doctor gave him isn't working.
But the therapist he's seeing with his wife
wants to start having more frequent sessions.
He's been making an effort to do things her way,
but he is coming in to work an hour earlier
and staying later.

Everyone is looking at each other,
with looks of "Is This Guy Serious?!"
People are popping up in their seats and
turning around to see who's talking.
He just talks louder.

The woman sitting in my quad turns to look behind her
to see who's shouting.
She turns to her husband, who's sitting beside me.
"Who's talking?"
He points the guy out.
I say to them:
"If I was his wife,
I'd leave him for telling the whole train our business."
The other coupled laughed.
The guy says, as we're pulling into the station,
"Pat him on the shoulder as you walk by
and tell him everything will be ok."

The usual fun commute, but not the same without GTB.

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