Thursday, April 8, 2010


I get a phone call from Lady Fairchilde the other day.
She speaks in hushed tones.
Her whisper is frantic.

We're both at work,
and although we're both very busy,
I know it's not work that has her all riled up.

I know her.
It can only be one thing.

"Cousin Alex has a duck with a KITE in it's mouth!"

LF is awed and more than a little jealous.
I don't know where Alex gets all the cool items on FarmVille,
but I'm convinced she 'knows a guy'.

LF even named the JPG attachment "Hmph".
She wonders how Alex got it too.

We'll be starting FUA soon.
Farmville Users Anonymous.
But the acronym means so much more.

Don't roll your eyes at me cuz I'm a FV Junkie.
I don't judge you because you're a sci-fi geek,
or watch back-to-back episodes of Dancing with the Stars,
or spend hours playing World of Warcraft with total strangers.

You want to make fun of me and FV ...
My name is Mo, and I'm a FarmVille Addict.

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