Monday, December 22, 2008

Grumpy Girl

I'm in a really crappy mood today. Ask the girls around me at work. They'll tell you. The F-Word has become a regular adjective and adverb in my vocabulary today.

My mood is really a continuation from Friday.

You'll recall that the GO Train was running late. Well, it took me about five hours to get home, between cancelled trains and delays.

Once I got home, we went to shovel out the inlaws. We didn't get home from that until the wee hours of the morning.

More snow yesterday, which I had to shovel -- TWICE!

This morning capped it all off. Three trains were cancelled this morning. Count them ... 1, 2, 3! I normally get to work at 8. I didn't walk in the door 'till 10. It's a busy week cuz of course everyone and their mother has to wait until the last possible moment to get any legal work done so we're all trying to cram five days' worth of work into two!

The biggest pisser of all?! GO Transit sends out an e-Notice this morning ...

The 7:45 train from Oshawa to Union has been cancelled.

They sent this message at 8:31! Yeah, thanks Tips!

F'n morons!!

1 comment:

Clippy Mat said...

ooh you Grouchy woman!
but who can blame you?
that would cause a saint to swear: effin' GO train.
so happy that I don't work this week.
oh, sorry for rubbin' THAT in.