Friday, December 12, 2008

C'est Noel

The offices in our firm have frosted glass walls facing the hallway. The purpose, in theory, is to allow natural light to shine through, while still allowing privacy.

Many people write on the glass walls with washable ink and paste those gel decals that are so popular now. As you walk down the halls, you see everyone's personalities shine through, so to speak. Some have drawn stick people and cartoons, written quotations and mathematical equations. There are gel decals of fish, animals and people.

Of course, everyone is now decorating for the Holidays.

One of the Human Resources gals has pasted Ho Ho Ho decals on her wall. However, when she originally pasted them, they were pasted so she could read them from inside her office. So when we walked by her office, this is what we saw:

A few people teased her, saying that it looked funny from the outside.

I pointed out that it was perfectly fine. Head office is in Quebec, after all. Her sign really reads:

'Oh 'Oh 'Oh. 'Appy 'Olidays!

C'est Merry Christmas, n'est pas?

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Clippy Mat said...

oh oh oh!
and you work in the crazy house right?