Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Copious Cupcakes

I've said it before and I'll say it again ... I can't cook. The Husband argues with me and insists it's because I don't try. It's in me, I just won't let it come out.

Well I let it all out last night. With disastrous results.

My mom passed an idiot-proof recipe on to my cousin Alex who passed it on to me.
  1. One box of cake mix, made according to box instructions.
  2. Add one box of Jello powder. Mix and bake as cupcakes.

Sounds easy right? Apparently not. It may be idiot proof, but it's not Mo-proof.

First, I made the cupcakes with what I thought was vegetable oil, but was really Canola oil. Then I overfilled the cups so I had exploding cupcakes in my oven.

The Husband, God bless him, swears they don't taste as bad as they look.


Alex said...

Keep up the photograpy, nice picture...lol

Jennifer Peters said...

Hey Mo...I'm not much of a cook either, but I usually get by without anyone getting cramps and having to be rushed to the ER!! lol

I give you major credit for trying Sugar!! Don't give up!! You'll get it.....eventually....*winks*

Good luck Sweets!!

Crazy Mo said...

Alex, you are such a meany! I'm telling mom!!

Crazy Mo said...

Thanks Jeneeefaaaaah! Hey, I'll have to blog about that one day!!

Clippy Mat said...

we have so much in common!

they look quite edible actually, bursting as they are from the confines of the muffin tins.


Chris Bowers said...

They look alright to me. Let's eat!

frantastic said...

oh yumm - hot cross buns! but a little early, no?


Alex said...

It won't matter if you tell mom she loves me more and you know it... na na na poo poo!!! (yes my tongue is sticking out and I'm spraying spit at you now..)lol