Tuesday, August 5, 2008

'Relaxing' at the Spa

I had a wonderful day on Friday with BJ at the Holt Renfrew Spa. We lunched at Holt's Café where we were served by the most delicious gay waiter. We were pampered at the Spa with massages, facials, pedis and manis. Followed by drinks at Hemmingways, where I had a martini and BJ had a Guinness (it was her turn to be the butch).

While drinking and nibbling on snacks at Hemmingways, we perused the price list for Holts, pondering what our next visit was going to include.

Then I read the line that said "Virgin Relaxer … Upon consultation". Hmmmm … Holts is really expanding their product line.

BJ and I started debating what this Virgin Relaxer consultation entailed. Was there some guy hung like a stallion that gently crooned the entire time? Or was it more of a discussion with a grandma-type woman who ensured the young candidate that all women had to succumb at some time and if you just think about your To Do list then the time will pass quickly?

Most important … why was there no consultation when it was MY time??

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