Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Nicole and Richard

Our regular route for walking the dog takes us by a house owned by a nice older German couple who have an old dog named Cody. If they're out, we stop and chat and pet each other's dogs. Puppy is fussed over by the nice lady and gets treats from the nice man.

We stopped last night for a chat. The nice lady was going on and on as she usually does and in her rambling says "I was telling Nicole last night ..." with a vague wave in my direction and carries on with her story. We nod and smile and interject the proper vocal sounds at the appropriate points. It's not easy to get a word in once she gets going.

We finally get on our way. Once we are out of earshot, I lean over to The Husband.

Me: "Who's Nicole??"

TH: "I think that's you."

Me: "I guess Nicole sounds French to Germans."

TH: "Well, growing up, I used to get Richard a lot."

Me: "That's cuz you're a dick."

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