Friday, August 22, 2008

Under the "B" ... Boy!!

BJ and I are Bingo Junkies. When we lived closer to each other, Thursday was our Bingo Night. We would talk and talk, sharing hopes and dreams ... and copious amounts of chocolate!

BJ tried for a long time to get pregnant and it just wasn't happening. Different methods were tried, but in the end, IVF was going to be the only solution. This is a very expensive venture and they simply didn't have the money.

She was sad, I was sad for her. But the Universe has a funny way of balancing things out.

BJ phoned me one day to say that her Hubby took her to bingo to cheer her up. Hubby won the jackpot ... enough to pay for IVF!

"This is a sign," I said. "You MUST use that money for IVF. And when the baby is born, you MUST name it Bingo!" So throughout the pregnancy we referred to the baby as Baby Bingo ... BB for short.

BJ was a few days overdue and getting very restless. Hubby fell back on the ol' standby and took her to bingo one night to relieve her boredom. Where she went into labour! BJ is sitting there, dabbing her numbers, watch in the other hand, breathing and staunchly refusing to leave before the session is over. You go girl!

BJ is now the proud mother of a baby boy. They decided to name him Cooper, although the rest of us don't see the problem with naming the kid Bingo.

I think Dr. Bingo -- or even The Honourable Justice Bingo -- has a nice ring to it!

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Anonymous said...

Just out of curiosity, with no malice intended, please tell me you really do see the problem with Bingo as a name.
For a human.
For a dog, its great.
They named a song after it, after all...