Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The E-GO Train

On the way home last night on the GO Train, I sat in my usual car, in my usual quad and continued reading Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets. I'm at a good part, so I was immediately engrossed in the book, lost in the magic of J.K. Rowling.

A very tall, very good looking black man sat in front of me. Shaved head, beautiful brown eyes. We played GO Train Tetris and made room for our legs, but as all GO commuters know, there ain't a whole lotta room.

I continued reading.

I'm not sure how long it went on before I noticed -- I was reading a good book after all -- but Handsome was rubbing my calf with his leg. Very subtly. Slowly, lightly. Up, down.

I glanced up. He smiled. Not an apologetic smile.

A promising smile.

I shifted my leg over a bit. A few minutes later it was happening again. I shifted. He moved. We played this game for a while. Me pretending to read my book, him pretending to be doing this by accident. And every time I looked at him, there was that promising smile. It was both erotic and disturbing.

I pulled out my Blackberry to text Alex. She'll have some advice.

Me: There's a very good looking man sitting in front of me playing footsies. What do I do???

Alex: Play! There's nothing wrong with flirting! (Oh ... good advice Alex!)

Me: He's rubbing my leg!

Alex: That's different! Toes only!! No leg rubbing!!

Me: But he is cute.

Alex: So was Charles Manson!

My stop is coming up and I get ready to leave. As I stand up, I step on his foot (I swear it wasn't on purpose!). Now I'm a touchy, feely sorta person and I reacted to this as I normally do.

I put my hand on his knee and squeezed and said "I'm so sorry!" I know -- WTF?! He smiled that promising smile of his and said "No problem." There was no doubt that this translated to 'You can step on me any time!'

Is it hot in here or is it just me?? Let me tell you that there was a spring in my step all the way home.

Of course, I had to tell The Husband. He laughs, shaking his head, and hugs me. "It's the booty and the new hair colour. See, babe, you still got it!"

My ego is now enormous. We're having architects come to the house today so I can get my head through the door.

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