Monday, July 28, 2008

You're Grounded!

Nephew #2 was telling us that his friend was grounded because he hadn't called home to tell them where he was. At the risk of sounding like my mother, kids these days are getting away with murder. So I was interested in knowing what constituted 'grounding' nowadays.

Me: "So what does grounding mean now?"
N#2: "Well ... he can't talk on the phone, he can't go out with his friends and he can't ... "

At this point, my ADD kicks in and I'm distracted. Oh look, shiny!

What I hear is:

N#2: "Well ... he can't talk on the phone, he can't go out with his friends and he can't do his weed."

Again, I channel my mother. What in the world has gotten into kids these days?? And what about the parents?! What kind of punishment is that ... He can't smoke his weed. Jeez!!

But I decide to go my usual sarcastic route.

"I see. Well ... that doesn't seem fair. Cuz when I was a kid, my parents let me smoke my weed when I was grounded."
I make a WTF face and hand gesture.

Nephew #2 clarifies, having to raise his voice above everyone's laughter.

"NO! He can't play his Wii!!"

Hmmm ... I'm not only beautiful, but it appears I'm also a little deaf.

To make matters worse, now when his mother grounds him, my nephew asks if he's still allowed to smoke his weed.


Alex said...

My kids love a visit from their Aunti...

It's really hard to punish them now... they get smart ass and say.."yeah, yeah, yeah I know, no weed for a week!"

It loses the effect when I yell at them "Keep it up and you won't be smoking your weed for a week!"

Once again I must say "Thank you Auntie"....NOT! LOL

frantastic said...

I llllllllliterally LOL'd at this one - not an easy task to be sure! You are GORGEOUS!

Robalicious said...

Maybe parents should get the Soup Nazi to ground their kids: "NO WEED FOR YOU!"

He's pretty scary.