Thursday, July 10, 2008

Lord of the Rings

My Danish friend recently called me. "I got a new ring. It's a Georg Jensen. Check it out online".

So I went to the Georg Jensen site. She got the Fusion ring:

Just beautiful! The girl has taste!!

I really like this one myself:

Then I started perusing the site. I think Georg needs to seek counselling ...

I'm guessing Georg is an ass man.

This one is a little too Big Brother for me. The diamonds are really miniature cameras.

It looks as though there's a ball that moves around inside. I'd totally be waving my arm to see if the ball falls out!!

This is my favourite. A re-creation of a cleverly disguised ice pick originally created by Q for James Bond. You know ... for those emergency Martini moments. I've already placed my order!

This would be the Red-Neck version, sans diamonds. Fer them there fancy shmancy parties where ya need ter pick yer teeth after eatin' up them possums!

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