Thursday, July 24, 2008

What's in a name?

Once in a while you come across someone who has an odd name and say to yourself (or out loud!) "What the hell were his/her parents thinking??!" All the while, trying not to laugh in their face.

Then I came across this article. Apparently some people are getting quite creative when naming their offspring. Or perhaps not. Maybe that old joke about the Indian Chief in charge of naming the children in the tribe has more truth to it than we think.

I think I'll name my kid Ima Accident.

What are you naming yours?


Anonymous said...

Belongs Intissue

Penny said...

How about "Surprise" or "Shirley Not" or "Whose Urdaddy"

frantastic said...

if they really wanted to be avant garde, they'd bring back the names that haven't been in circulation since the early 1900s! Prudence, Ethel, Hortense...Frances :)