Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Who let the dog out? Who? Who??

Kitty is quite vocal in the morning. I haven't quite figured out what she's going on about, but she makes it sound important.

This morning, as always, I gathered her bowls together so I could take them downstairs to the kitchen to clean and refill them. All the while, she's nattering on about God knows what.

As I came down the stairs, I said to The Husband "There's no way I could ever forget to feed Kitty. She's meowing like crazy up there."

The Husband freezes. "Oh shit!" And he races for the sliding doors. There's Puppy, looking VERY displeased, on the other side of the glass.

"How long has he been out there?"

"I don't know … 20 minutes? I forgot about him!"


Puppy walks in the door, brushing right past The Husband. He turns around and gives The Husband a dirty look, snorts, then walks over to me for a hug. I croon all over Puppy while he glares at The Husband. The Husband comes over to try and pet him, but Puppy walks away with his nose in the air.

Oh snap! Who's in the doghouse now?!

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