Friday, July 4, 2008

Not Smarter than a Four-Year-Old

The Husband came as a package deal: two kids and an ex-wife. It may sound bad, but in fact, we're all one big happy family. The kids are like Stepford Children and are about as perfect as any kids can be. And if that's not weird enough, The Ex and I are friends.

The kids are practically grown up now. The Girl just graduated from High School and The Boy just graduated from University.

They also have a little brother. The Little Guy is quite entertaining.

It became obvious very early that the Little Guy was fascinated by animals. He never played with cars, never played with action figures, but he constantly played with his Fischer Price Farm House. When he was about four years old, someone gave him a children's encyclopaedia of animals.

The Husband and I were entertaining the Little Guy one day, flipping through the book. He was pointing at various animals, telling me where they came from, clarifying if they were mammals. He was telling me things that I had no clue about. And he was four!

"What do you want to be when you grow up?" I asked him, thinking he'd say veterinarian.

Without hesitation, he said "I want to be a scientist." (Geez, I just wanted to be a teacher when I was four!)

"What kind of scientist?", thinking Rocket Scientist or something equally fantastic.

"I want to save the animals in the Rain Forest." What four-year-old thinks of this stuff??

But knowing that every kid has a back up plan, and knowing that his daddy is a fireman, I figured I'd ask what Plan B was.

"What do you want to be if you don't become a scientist?"

"I want to join the WWF." Ah … now this I know! Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant, Rowdy Roddy Piper.

"So, what kind of wrestler do you want to be?"

The Little Guy sighs heavily, rolls his eyes and in a very exasperated voice says:

"I want to join the World Wildlife Federation."


Robalicious said...


That was priceless!!! And I can imagine the look on YOUR face.

Courtney said...

Nice one Moe!!!

As if you thought it was wrestling! hahahah, Everyone knows the World Wildlife foundation!

Your blogs are always fasinating!

Love Courtney

PS. You sure are beautiful :]

frantastic said...

Haaaaaa - OWNED by a 4yr. old!

Your friend is right - you are beeeeuuuuutiful!