Thursday, September 10, 2009

It's personal

I know I bitch and moan about the GO Train.
A lot.
You would too, if you took it on a regular basis.

Today's B&M --
not to be confused with a plain old BM,
which is a whole other pile of crap--
is about personal hygiene.

We're not talking about daily showering.
Although, some commuters could do with a hint.
Or two.

Personal hygiene is called personal hygiene for a reason.
That means you don't do it in public.

I'm talking about two things that really REALLY irk me:

1. Makeup

If you're running late for work,
do not ... and I can't stress this enough ...
put on a full face of make up on the train.
Dabbing on a little lipstick is okay.
But to sit with an open makeup bag on your lap
with compacts and tubes and pens
laid out before you
is not cool.
Nor is it even remotely pretty.

If you didn't have time to do it at home,
wait 'till you get to the office and do it there.

By far, the worst offence is the grossest of gross.
I can't believe that people do this in public:

2. Nails

There are people who regularly cut their nails
with a nail clipper
on the GO Train.

That little shard of nail becomes airborne
and flies god-knows-where.

The sound, alone, makes me cringe.
tink, tink, tink


People freak out when they see a hair lying somewhere.
Do you know how many germs are on our hands?
Under our fingernails?!

I'm just waiting for the day I actually see someone
whip off a sock and start doing their toes.

For the love of all that is good, people,
take care of your personal hygiene at home!


Clippy Mat said...

hey, i've seen people putting their make up on while driving a car. now that's scary.
but clipping fingernails? on the GO train. i would have to scream.
that's a NO NO.

Anonymous said...

OMG Mo I totally saw this lady clipping her toe nails on the streetcar last summer... don't worry I suspect the GO train won't be too far behind... be patient you'll see it soon LOL, take care!


rxBambi said...

I will never forget the time a woman did the fingernail thing IN CHURCH! AND LEFT THEM ALL IN A PILE ON THE PEW!! I was so disgusted!

so, I have a question that I encountered after blog camp. On the plane, didn't think to get up earlier and go to the potty cuz I didn't have to pee. But then as we landed I decided I needed to de-shine with my compact. I was wondering if people thought I was gross... I dont usually do it in public but I didn't want to be all shiny when I ran up to hubby to give him a big hug and kiss. What do you think?

Jenny Brown said...

It totally disgusts me when a member of my family clips their toenails in the living room of our house……..let alone seeing a perfect stranger cut their nails in a public place. Are you kidding me? YUCK!!!!!!!