Friday, September 25, 2009

Sonic Hearing Aid

My guilty pleasure is infomercials.
I absolutely love them
and I'm completely addicted.

I find them entertaining.
You see someone who is trying,
for instance,
to curl their hair.
They have a tortured look on their face,
their curling iron is caught in their hair,
and they're struggling like mad.

Then they show someone using the
Turbo 2000 Curling Iron Pro
(or some equally ridiculous name)
and suddenly they're smiling,
they're aura is glowing brightly,
and their hair looks absolutely maaaahvelous!

My current favourite infomercial is for the
Sonic Hearing Aid.

They go on and on about the things that you'll hear,
like conversations you'll covertly listen to.
Isn't this illegal?

By far, the best line in this is at the 110 marker.
Some chick in a bikini (sex sells, right?)
walks by two other girls on a beach.
One girl turns to the other and says:
"Her body is amazing!"

There is no way on God's green acre that ANY woman
would say that about any other woman.
It's more likely she'd be saying

"Would you look at that skanky ho.
Who does she think she is?!
Did she look in the mirror before she left the house?"

They're slogan is:
"Get Super Sonic now and hear things you've never heard before."

You know what?
I don't need to hear what people are saying out of earshot.
I have a pretty good idea already.
Probably the same thing I'm saying about them.

And it's not nice.


C said...

bwahahahahaha you are SO right! i hate infomercials... but there are people who really buy that shit.
yeah, i dont wanna have one of those hearing aides because i really dont wanna hear people laugh at me when i walk by in my g-string bikini!


[hint i am a fluffy not stuffy gal]

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I love informercials too, for the same reasons you've cited. They always show someone fumbling around with the regular product (as if all people are that inept). It cracks me up!

Clippy Mat said...

i am also a bit of an addict when i come across them while surfing. they hook me in and i so want to believe them. but there's a store in the mall here that sells those infomercial products and i go in there and check them out. and they are usually a load of rubbish. so glad i didn't buy them.
i would have a sonic ear on
2nd thoughts cos didn't rabby burns say,
' Oh wad some power the giftie gie us
To see oursel's as others see us!'
i'm curious.
what WOULD they be sayin'?
maybe better off not knowin'.

Jenny Brown said...'re completely right. Too funny!

Imformercials ARE addiciting and hilarious. (Mostly items that are too good to be true!)

I wouldn't want to know what people are saying about me, either, by the way!

Anonymous said...

LoL, I thought I was strange. I love watching infomercials too, especially the work-from-home ones, Carlton Sheets and Express 101. I wonder do any of these products actually work? This was too funny!