Tuesday, September 22, 2009

You've Got Mail

As I've mentioned, The Husband is on vacation in Europe.

One of the main reasons I didn't tag along was because he's going mainly to attend the Auto Show in Germany. But he's also going to England where he will tour all the military sites. Not my cup of tea. He's a bit of a military junkie and as much as I find it interesting to tour bunkers, submarines and war museums, I can only take so much of it.

He has been texting and emailing me regularly.

A few of the better ones:

We are on our way now. An accountant, an optometrist, a dental supply sales rep and an undertaker in an Audi A6 wagon heading south about to cross into Denmark. My communication has two purposes: first to let you know I'm alive, and second to satisfy Nils who wants me to try his mini laptop with wifi internet hookup. Before you get jealous, typing in a moving car with a European keyboard is a pain in the ass.

* * *

Crossed into Germany and advanced swiftly south. We have finally achieved our objective. I feel like Patton!

[that one made me laugh out loud]

* * *

TH: Beer and sausages for lunch. Now looking at VW. Want me to bring one home?
Me: Sure! Yellow 5 speed convertible.
TH: Dream on.

* * *

[Now, I'm pretty sure he told me that he was coming home on Thursday. But I think what he said was that it was Thursday when he left Europe, but it would be Friday when he arrived here. Of course, my ADD only let me focus on Thursday.]

Me: Miss you! Can't wait till Thursday
TH: I don't know who is coming over Thursday, but I will be home Friday.

* * *

And last night ...

English pub with first beer (not Guinness) fish & chips on order. Wish you were here.

* * *

Alright, now he's just rubbing it in.


Clippy Mat said...

ooh English pub, fish and chips.
he must be in heaven. cos i know i would be.
jealous :-)

C said...

i am jealous too, mo...
i want fish n chips....


he'll be home shortly... and all will be good.


Little Miss Sunshine State said...

I like his sense of humor!