Friday, September 18, 2009

Still on Staycation

So far, the Staycation is going well. I'm not getting near as much writing done as I wanted, but I am relaxing.

Last night, I think, was the first night I slept through without waking up. I'm sure if I look out the window right now, there will be three wisemen and a virgin walking up the street, following a very large glowing star.

I had my photo shoot with Amanda yesterday. It really was quite fun and I think I'll have to do that again some time ... when I actually lose those 40-damn pounds.

She posted a few pics on her Facebook group. This one is my favourite:

I should receive the CD with all the pictures next week. Give me a chance to sift through them and I'll post a new profile picture. I'll be using them on this blog, my Urban Contessa blog and website, and, quite possibly, my writing blog, on which I use a pen name.

I may come out of the closet even.

Cuz if mine eyes don't deceive me, that there picture up there sure does look like a jacket cover don't it?


Clippy Mat said...

looks like one to me.
you look FAB.
40lbs? NO WAY!

septembermom said...

You look wonderful! I think that would make a great book jacket.

Penny said...


Jenny Brown said...

Great picture......but I'm with Clippy'd waste away! You look gorgeous the way you are.

Can't wait to see your other pics!

lady fairchilde said...

Such a pretty you!