Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Office Pub

Robi and I work for three male lawyers.
We're a little outnumbered.
(We also work for eight students
but that's another story.)

The boys,
as we call them,
have a magnetic dart board
set up in one of their offices.

It is not uncommon to hear
pop ... pop ... pop
as each dart is thrown
and lands on the board.

Not just once in a while.
We're talking a lot.
At least once every half hour
one or more of them is throwing a trio of darts.

There's a serious competition going on, too.
I don't know what it is exactly,
I just know that there's a lot of cheering that goes on
then someone else will get called in to witness the score.

It's all very official.
They are, after all, lawyers.
There's even a line "drawn" on the carpet
in red electrical tape
which has been duly initialled by all participants.

Robi and I think we should start a pub night.
No cover for Ladies on Fridays.

I wonder if we can sneak in a pool table.


Clippy Mat said...

really? they signed the "hockey"?
wow, they ARE lawyers.

Crazy Mo said...

@Clippy Mat: OK. You'll have to translate that one for me. I'm a Canuck. Hockey = small round puck and L-shaped sticks.

Domestic Goddess (In Training) said...

My old boss had a dart board in her office. I used to sneak in and put people's faces on it. To this day, she still doesn't know the dart board fairy was me. Something to ponder if you get bored....

Clippy Mat said...

the hockey is the line where you stand to throw your dart! the legal distance. (i'm a former dart player LOL)

lady fairchilde said...

Hmpf - insert expletive here!

Hey, there's a pool table in the lunch room - I'll help you move it down! lol