Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Fed up!

Enough with the snow already! I've just about had it with the white stuff. We have five-foot snow banks at the end of our driveway. Every morning we hold our breath and pull out onto the street. Hoping that no one else is driving by at breakneck speed. Because you can't see a damn thing over these mountains!

To make matters worse, the temperature is not cooperating. We have a day or two of warmer weather which causes some melting. The snowbanks begin to avalanche onto the street. Before the plow can come by, the temperature drops and the banks freeze up. The street is becoming narrower each day. There's barely enough room for two cars to pass now.

I can't wait for the next snowfall (dripping sarcasm).

Wait ... that's tonight.

Yet another 5 cm.

Thanks Mother Nature!

I was flipping through the pictures on my camera. And I came across these. They made me happy. When we bought the house six years ago, we bought our flowers at the local nursery. Expensive, but pretty. Last summer, The Husband decided to try something different. Walmart. Why not? The Husband insisted on taking pictures. "There's no way anyone's going to believe we got these at Wally World!"

Aren't they lovely?

Doesn't it just make you ache for summer?



Busy Bee Suz said...

The flowers are gorgeous...the snow? not so much. now I know why so many people move to Florida. We have no snow. It is warm and sunny. Today, it is warm and sunny.
In July, you melt when you walk out. It isn't perfect anywhere.
take care,

lady fairchilde said...

nope - it makes me ache for Walmart, actually! i'm in withdrawal.

Crazy Mo said...

Busy Bee Suz: Oh what I would give to live in Florida! It's been a few years since we visited. Last time, we stayed on Anna Maria Island. Absolutely lovely!

Domestic Goddess (In Training) said...

I had to take the 6 month old giant to the doctor today in the blizzard. That was hours ago and my toes are still numb. Looking for real estate in Arizona as we speak.

Crazy Mo said...

lady fairchilde: I smell a road trip!!

DGIT: We were in Arizona last year! Loved it!! Wanna be neighbours? We promise not to be crazy Canucks.

Clippy Mat said...

i can hardly remember what flowers look like it's been so long. when? will? it? be? spring? six more weeks says wiarton willie. the little sh*T!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

At this point, I'd take a bundle of dandelions! But, those flowers are lovely. :-)

Mojito said...

F-ing Punxsutawney Phil. *grumble grumble*

Sinnerviewer said...

I don't want to rub it in but I'm in Atlanta and it's supposed to be 67 degrees here tomorrow. We haven't seen snow in several years - maybe you should snowbird down my way for some southern hospitality.

Lyndsay said...

Well, now that I've survived that torture, I'm going to stare outside at the snow and the 7 degree weather. Maybe if I drink enough, I'll start seeing hanging baskets of flowers instead.