Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dear Abby

When I was strolling down memory lane yesterday, I came across something that made me laugh out loud! But it requires a bit of preamble ...

My mom's family is close. The aunts, uncles and cousins get together alot. We play cards, sit around eating and drinking. And there's a whole lot of laughter. Most often, these gatherings take place at Auntie Rose and Uncle Moe's house.

When The Husband and I started dating, he was working crazy hours. It never failed that a family gathering was planned when he was working a double shift and he couldn't make it. I would go to Auntie Rose's for a family do and she'd always send home several containers of leftovers for The Husband. "Tell him we say hi and we missed him!" she'd say.

Being a typical French Canadian family, there's a whole lotta teasing that goes on. So it became a standard joke in the family that The Husband didn't really exist. He was a figment of my imagination. It was suggested that perhaps I should get a life-size cut-out of him to bring with me to various family gatherings.

This was the norm for the first few years of our relationship. I went to family gatherings alone, everyone teased me about my imaginary friend and Auntie Rose sent home food.

Then one day, The Husband calls me from work in a panic.

He reads me this article he found:

I am laughing so hard, I can hardly speak. He, on the other hand, is mortified.

"Do you think Auntie Rose wrote this?!" His voice has gone up a few octaves.

My immediate response is to tell him is that he absolutely has to cut that out and bring it home. Which he did. And I still have it.

And if you're wondering, Auntie Rose did not write that. I asked. She denied it ... amidst alot of laughing and snorting!


Busy Bee Suz said...

Sooo funny. I love the fact that Husband was reading Dear Abby!!!!

Crazy Mo said...

Busy Bee Suz: There are times that I think The Husband is gay. I'm just his Katie Holmes. In fact, I just may blog about that one day and out the poor bugger!

Domestic Goddess (In Training) said...

Mo - that is too funny. My husband is so clueless if he read something and it said: Dear Abby,
Mark, married to Lynn and living in Indiana, is such a pain in the butt.
He still wouldn't think it was about him. Kudos to your guy for being sensitive enough to wonder if it was about him.

TheChicGeek said...

Too funny :)

Evil Twin's Wife said...

LOL!!! I think I'd be a little paranoid too - only you said SHE fixed a plate to send home and the letter in the paper said the niece just helped herself to left overs, so.... Still, a little too close for comfort! :-)

Lyndsay said...

Am I the only one thinking that the imaginary husband thing really wouldn't be half bad?