Monday, July 12, 2010

The Extra Mile

We have nice boardrooms in our office.
The firm spent a lot of money on presentation.
The boardrooms have a beautiful view of
Lake Ontario and cityscape.
It's quite lovely.
Clients are always impressed.

And we often have clients who will ask
to use our boardrooms for meetings.

We're nice people.
So we say "Sure!"

Boss #1 had a client call for such a request.
It seems he needed neutral ground for a meeting.
No problem.

Boss #1 was meeting out of the office,
so when Mr. Client arrived, I went up to greet him.
I ushered the group into the boardroom,
showed them where the washrooms were,
gave them my telephone extension in case they needed anything,
made sure they had coffee, juice, water and cookies,
then left them alone.

At the end of the meeting, Mr. Client sends me an email:

Thank you for your hospitality this morning. The meeting went very well. My guests were suitably impressed.

I read the email to Boss #1.

"It sounds like I did more than just shake his hand
and bring him to the boardroom."

Boss #1 gives me a thumbs up.
"Good girl."

1 comment:

Megan said... didn't do more than just shake his hand and show him to to boardroom did you??? no judgement, just askin'!