Friday, July 23, 2010

Few and Far Between

I realize I haven't been blogging much.
Well, not HERE, anyway.

I've been spending all my free time writing.
It's not easy juggling everything
and keeping it all in the air.
I keep dropping stuff.
It's not pretty.
And to be quite frank, it's stressing me out.

This is my half-ass way of apologizing,
and assuring everyone that I will continue to blog,
though it will be less frequent.

I'm on a mission.
I want to complete my book by the end of the year,
set it aside for a while,
then finish editing by next Spring.

At least, that's the plan.

Life has a way of messing things up.
Which is why my posts will be far and few between.
Be patient with me.

1 comment:

septembermom said...

You have a great goal and you're right to pursue it. Blogging will always be here. Good luck with your writing!