Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Had drinks and snacks and drinks and drinks
(in that order)
with the girls last night for a
belated birthday celebration.

Lady Fairchilde,
M'Licious, and

A motley crew, to say the least.

One Guinness was all I ordered.

But then...

Lady Fairchilde decided she didn't like Guinness
and pushed her pint over to me.
There's no accounting for taste.

And M'Licious orders a round of
Swedish Berry shooters.

It was like Kool-Aid for grownups.

Not the wisest choice on a school night,
but I had a great time
and for a drinking light-weight,
I was none the worse for wear this morning.

Which probably isn't a good thing.
It sends the wrong message.
The message should be:

yurrr no 20 inee moorrre, hen.
ye canny be doin' this ta yurrrrself.

Instead, the message is:

ack, hen! trrreeee? Ohneee trrreeee?
ya kin do bettah 'n dat!

Since the group agreed that
this should be a monthly
it may be difficult to ignore the voices that cheer me on.

Even if they're speaking with a drunken Scottish slur.


lady fairchilde said...

Irish fries, Irish beer, Swedish shooters...and you speak with a Scottish accent? lmao

Crazy Mo said...

@LF: It's important to be multi-cultural. The Scottish fetish is a throw-back from my engineering firm days. And who can resist a guy in a kilt?