Wednesday, January 13, 2010

More Holiday Greetings

As I've pointed out previously,
many people in our office
decorate their glass walls for the holidays.

Not to be outdone,
Robilicious bought some gel letters
and stuck them up on Boss #2's window.

Originally, it looked like this:

Festive, no?

But there are a few people in the office
who simply cannot resist temptation.
And I recently arrived at work
to find this:

I'm not sure what a Dipshy is,
but I'm guessing it's a derogatory term.
Or, perhaps, the 'Y' is supposed to be an 'IT'.
Since I know who re-arranged the letters,
I'm going with the latter.

On the plus side,
at least they said hello.

Right back atchya!

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