Thursday, March 19, 2009


Is it Easter yet?
I'm going to cave in any time now.

I gave up coffee for Lent this year. I'm having serious withdrawals. I've never smoked, but I think I now have an idea of what it's like to give up smoking. My doctor said caffeine is an equivalent addiction and I should be commended for giving it up.

Yeah, yeah. Just give me an espresso.

I'm drinking tea instead, because there's no way I could go through the caffeine withdrawal. I'm having serious headaches every day as it is. I can only imagine what it would be like if I completely cut out caffeine! I drink an average of six to eight cups of coffee a day, so you can appreciate the junkie persona I've adopted.

Coming to work all disheveled.
Not able to concentrate.
Trembling hands.
Sniffing other people's coffee mugs.

Maybe I should start a reality show: Decaf House.
Maxwell could be our sponsor.
Wait, maybe a coffee sponsor isn't such a good idea.


lady fairchilde said...

>Coming to work all disheveled.
>Not able to concentrate.
>Trembling hands.

Save the part about sniffing mugs - what was your excuse for the above before Lent started?

Alex said...

That just doesn't seem right.

You gave up coffee but you're still getting your caffeine in tea, so to me that's not giving anything up!

That's like giving up chocolate and eating cocoa!
Or giving up love making and mast...! (well you get the picture)

So quit complaining and don't look at it that you gave somthing up to punish yourself but comprimised for a while to better yourself.

Sorry had a sister lecture moment!!!

Crazy Mo said...

l_f: Shhh ... I don't have enough of the 'other' stuff to share.

Alex: Sis, you should know me better than that. There's NO WAY I'm giving 'that' up!! Besides, it's not the caffeine I'm missing, it's the taste of coffee. We're totally stopping three or four times on the way up to Sudbury!

Penny said...

"I drink an average of six to eight cups of coffee a day"

No wonder you can't sleep at night! Sheesh!

Alex said...

Crazy Mo: That goes without saying for pee breaks

Busy Bee Suz said...

You poor thing. I bet this is really tough for you...I only need a bit in the morning then I am drug free the rest of the day. I think you should look into some therapy. :)
good luck...

Evil Twin's Wife said...

You n me both, sistah. I gave up bread. I can't even count how many salads I've had over Lent. Only - what? - 2.5 weeks to go? We can do it!

Mojito said...

I gave up Lent for Lent... I'm doin' okay.