Monday, March 23, 2009

Here's your hat, where's your hurry?

We have a pretty strong firewall at work. For obvious reasons, there are many sites that we are not allowed access to. Although this has recently changed, there is one previously blocked site that always made me laugh.

The OLG site.

For you non-Canadians, this is the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation. It operates and governs the provincial lotteries. For quite some time, we were not allowed access to this site. I know that it's because it's categorized as a gambling site.

But is seems kinda funny when we are allowed access to Workopolis. Which is a job site.

What kind of message does this send the staff?

We don't want you to win the lottery, but feel free to find another job.


Alex said...

That's funny!
I installed norton on my home computer months ago so I could block lots of stuff from my kids.
Of coarse one of them is the OLG site.
I've lost my password so I can't change it therefore I have to use hubby's laptop to get lottery numbers.

We are so

Busy Bee Suz said...

So funny. I love the irony.