Monday, December 6, 2010

And, we're back

You probably didn't even notice I was gone.
No worries.
It doesn't really feel as though I left.

Not to mention that when I left last Friday for Mexico,
I was only wearing a t-shirt and a sweater.
(And pants. I was also wearing pants.)

This morning?
Only three days later?
I'm wearing winter boots,
a hooded down-filled coat,
and shovelling 10 cm of snow!
Snow, I tells ya!


grumble grumble grumble

I do, however, console myself with
memories of a wonderful trip.
We went away again with Crayon and her TH
When we went away with them last year,
the constant joke was that everything was deep-fried.
Which, in my humble opinion,
is a non-issue.
I mean, really,
there ain't nothin' wrong with deep fryin'.

Having said that,
the Grand Serenis took deep frying
to a new level of godliness:

You may think,
But let me tell you, mi amigos,
that deep fried bread,
and baked beans
and bacon,
make one helluva breakfast!

That, my loyal followers, was breakfast.
Every. Day.
Now, you may think there isn't much on that plate.
There isn't.
But remember, that's my second plate.
The one before that had
and some egg concoction,
which I'm sure was also deep-fried.

Surprisingly, I only gained five pounds.
I'm guessing the alcohol cancelled out the oil.

There is a God.


Clippy Mat said...

fried bread, bacon and beans? are you sure you were in Mexico and not the north east of England?

Sarah D. said...

Clippy Mat unfortunately beat me to it! Fried bread really isn't that uncommon in England - I grew up on fried..everything.

Crazy Mo said...

Clippy / Sarah: REALLY? Honest to goodness, cross your heart? We're planning a trip to London and Paris next year (for our 10 year anniversary). I can't wait now!!!

Do ya think the French will deep fry their baguettes for me?