Friday, June 18, 2010

Outta Here!

As you may know,
our fair city is hosting the G20 Summit.
World leaders,
and protesters
(not necessarily in that order)
will converge on our turf.

A three-metre fence has been erected,
enclosing an area of the downtown core
that includes, among other things,
the Convention Centre,
the Royal York Hotel and
my office building.

Security will be tight.
Rumour has it that there will be
one or two doors to enter the secured zone,
forcing thousands of commuters
to funnel into a narrow confined area.

Everyone in my office has been issued
two security passes,
which are to be used in conjunction with
our regular security pass.

Stores in the underground are expected to be closed.
Announcements are made daily on the GO Train,
advising us that there may be delays next week
and we should bring food and water just in case.

Our office will have a toll-free number
for employees to call for information
regarding the status of security.
We have been warned of a
potential lock-down of our building,
should protesting become a security issue.

Erring on the side of caution,
our office will be closed on Friday.

I'm getting the hell outta Dodge!
I'm off next week.
Heading up to Sudbury for Birthday Week.

Cousin Alex's birthday is the 20th.
Memère’s birthday is the 23rd
(though we already celebrated it).
And mine is the 24th.

It's a busy month.
I'm guessing that the men in my family
get a little randy in the Fall,
hence the Summer Baby Boom.

So I probably won't be posting next week.
Then again,
maybe my brother will let me use his laptop while I'm there.
If not, I'll see ya'll when I'm back on the 28th.

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