Friday, September 5, 2008

Ministry of Health/Law

Came home from work late last night. Puppy was really excited to see me.

I play with him, ruffle his ears and scratch him under his chin (he really likes that). In my best high-pitched-get-the-dog-excited voice I say: "Guess who's coming over Saturday? Aunty Sue is coming over Saturday! Yes she is! Aunty Sue is coming. And what does Aunty Sue always bring? Cookies!! Yes she does! Yes she does!"

The Husband mutters, "Sounds like a litigation vaccination."

"WHAT??!" (you know, some days it's really hard to keep up with the voices in his head).

"You know ... anti-virus ... anti-sue ... litigation vaccination."


And even as I type this, M'Licious is reading over my shoulder. "Are you sure he doesn't smoke dope?"

Good question!


Anonymous said...

Good one Mo!

Auntie Sue said...

Auntie Sue has a special cookie for "the husband" ...

Clippy Mat said...

who are you? i just found your blog from another one and it's funny. but there's no info on you anywhere?
what's the secret?

Crazy Mo said...

Despite all evidence to the contrary, Clippy, I'm actually quite shy. I'll post a profile soon.

You found my blog from another one? Really?! Who??

Clippy Mat said...

i found you in a link at the absent minded housewife's blog. and i couldn't find a 'view my profile' link on your blog for some reason and i was mystified (nosy) but now it's there??
anyway, coincidentally we are both in ONtario,Canada.
but most importantly, your blog is funny.
pat :-)