Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Brown-Eyed Girl

I think I stood in the boob line two or three times when I was created. Some may say this is a blessing. Me ... I think not. It was humiliating as a pre-teen, frustrating as a teen and just down-right angering as an adult.

So I decided to down-size the girls.

I wasn't ashamed or embarrassed about this. In fact, I openly talked about it. Which would invariably make the person I was conversing with quickly glance down, then immediately look back up and make eye contact, glance down, then up, down, up ... blush, smile awkwardly and we'd continue our conversation.

My gay friends sent me the most wonderful bouquet while I was recovering. A beautiful assortment of colourful flowers, with two giant white mums in the centre, on which were pinned pink pipe cleaner nipples and two bandaids! Loved it!!

By far, the best reaction was when I went to see one of my friends. Her brother answered the door, looked me straight in the face and said "Hey! You have brown eyes. I never noticed that before."


Barna Boo said...

can I have the name of your florist?

Clippy Mat said...

funny! i've also down sized my girls too. another coincidence ha!

frantastic! said...


hey, i never knew you did that!! howsabout you bring those puppies over here so i can take a look!