Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Holy Sheet!

We had plans to visit the kids one evening. The Husband had the day off and went over early, bringing our laundry with him ... might as well right? I was driving over after work. He phones me at the office.

TH: "Bring the bed sheets with you."

Me: "OK. But leave me a note cuz I know I'll forget."

I walk in the door and there's a note on the hallway mirror: SHEETS in huge letters. Good one. I chuckle.

Still giggling, I go to the washroom (I really gotta pee). On the bathroom vanity: SHEETS. Taped on the toilet seat - SHEETS, on the shower curtain - SHEETS, inside the tub - SHEETS. I'm laughing really hard now and I REALLY gotta pee, so I flip up the toilet lid - SHEETS.

I start wandering through the apartment. On every surface there's a SHEETS sign. The tv, sofa, coffee table, kitchen table, every chair, curtains, windows, bed. Inside cupboard doors, fridge, freezer, microwave, every drawer of my dresser.

For about two weeks I was finding SHEETS signs in random places!

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frantastic! said...

...but I'll bet you forgot to bring them with you, riiiiiight?