Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wii are Playing Now!

I bought a Wii console and Wii Fit Plus last night.

I worked out for almost an hour
and was having so much fun
that I didn't realize the time went by.

I jogged.
The guy kept turning around and waving at me.
Just watch where you're going, dude!

I jumped a skateboard.
I was doing some awesome jumps!

I swung a hoola hoop.
My hoop almost fell down until I got the rhythm.

I bicycled.
Where the hell did that stupid dog come from?

And I boxed.
I kept hitting my trainer in the face!

It was a little depressing when I set it up, though.
If you've never done this,
the program prompts you to enter your height
then tells you to stand on the console.
My bonhomme's hips and waist spread out,
then she hangs her head and says "Ooooh!"

I just about fell off the console,
I was laughing so hard.

It will be fun to watch me and my Mii
get smaller and smaller.

When I called The Husband yesterday
to told him we were going shopping
to buy the Wii, he said
"It's like living with a 12-year old...
only I don't get arrested."


Optimistic Pessimist said...

the first time i did the hula hoops i did it for an hour. the next day my abs were so sore i could barely breath. not sure if it was because i was so out of shape or it was just such an intense workout.


Clippy Mat said...

ooh I think I want one too.

June Freaking Cleaver said...

I want one! And this week, the evil Wal Mart has the Wii for $199 - and they throw in a $50 gift card, so you can start paying for games!