Friday, December 4, 2009

Colour me Crazy

When we lived in our apartment,
we hung Christmas lights along the balcony.
Since everyone had white, green or red,
we decided to be different
and hung blue lights.

The next year,
our neighbours with the adjoining balcony
followed suit and also hung blue lights.

The year after that,
two more balconies had blue lights,
and each year, more joined the blue team.

When we moved into our house eight years ago,
we noticed that all the neighbours had
white, green or red lights.
Perfect, we thought, we'll be different again.
So TH strung blue lights along the eaves,
added red bulbs to the coach lights,
and set two blue spotlights
to shine on the front window.

The next year, a few more people had blue lights.
And each year after that,
more people joined the blue team.

This year, just about everyone on our street
has blue lights.

Maybe next year we'll get yellow lights.
Just to see what happens.

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