Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Screenplay of my Life

Today is my birthday. I'm not sure how I feel about this.

I'm always melancholy on my birthday. I tend to treat it like New Year's Day. Not so much an opportunity to start fresh with resolutions to improve myself (although God knows I certainly need an overhaul), but more a retrospective look at my life.

If you read Sylvia Browne -- and believe what she has to say -- then we have pre-determined our purpose for being on this planet. We are all following some cosmic (or is that comic??) screenplay written by our spirit selves.

Whether you are born into poverty or wealth, abuse or love, illness or health … you decided this on the Other Side. The people you meet, the joy and sadness you experience, are all things that you have mapped out. Everything that happens to us, good or bad, is something that we have decided we are going to experience. And the purpose for these experiences is to either learn something or teach something. Perhaps both. If you don't learn your lesson or deliver your message, then you're coming back to get it right the next time ... or the time after that. However many times it takes.

I look back on the screenplay of my life and think … WTF was I thinking?!! Clearly there is alcohol on the Other Side, cuz I was really drunk when I wrote my map!

However, I think that Sylvia is right. We're supposed to learn something and/or teach something.

I have learned that I'm a survivor. For all the negative things I have experienced in my life, all the extra baggage I have carried around, I think I've turned out ok. Thank God I was sober long enough to write in my screenplay that I should be accompanied by a wonderful cast of characters. My co-stars are what get me through each scene and I couldn't have carried my part without them. Little gold statues to all of you!

So what happens now? Have I learned everything I'm supposed to learn? Have I taught everything I'm supposed to teach? If I have, is it over now? Am I leaving? Where will I go?

Woah! That's waaaaay too deep. Someone get me a martini.

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