Thursday, November 11, 2010

Officially Published

I can say,
with more than a little pride,
that I am now a paid, published writer.

Last night, at The Rivoli,
I read Memère Rosa.
I wasn't as nervous as I thought I would be.
Though I did ask TH if he could see me quivering.
My hands didn't shake,
but my legs were like Jello the entire time!
He assured me it wasn't noticeable.
Then again, he does have a Shallow Hal complex,
and thinks I'm a size 2.
God bless him!

Which brings me to this snapshot:

Sadly, it's the best picture of the lot.
I'm not talking about the fact that it's out of focus.
That's because the room was dark,
and we don't have a high end camera.

I'm talking about the fact that
I need to have a conversation with TH
and explain that he needs to work on
taking pictures that don't
accentuate my muffin top.
Cuz the bottom two-thirds of that picture
have been cropped.

And burned.

I do have great pics of the anthology, though.

Look! That's me, right there on Page 27.

The audience was great:
they laughed in the right places,
and clapped loudly at the end.

It was perfect!

Shout out to
Lady Fairchilde, Robi, M'Licious and Bobby-Jo
who came out to heckle support me,
and even one of the associates from the office.

A special thanks to Vikki Summerfield who pushed me to write,
and harasses me on a daily basis,
for more pieces to record for Life Rattle Radio.

And, of course...TH...
who puts up with the usual crap
that a writer's spouse puts up with.
Probaby more.

No...definitely more.


Anonymous said...

proud of you Mon I Q.....

Anonymous said... you don't want to have the video of you i took then while you were reading? v

Marie said...

Wow! Conratulations you must be so happy, it seems like it takes a lot of work so great job! Hopefully one day I can get published. Your blog is an inspiration.

Marie said...

Wow it must be even better to have the poem published about someone close to your hreart.