Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hiding all the sins

We're going to Mexico.

And we're going to the Grand Sirenis.

I've said it before,
and I'll say it again:
Yo amo México!

You'll recall last year
when bathing suit shopping,
that I pondered whether
Bikini Village had a berka section.
Well, maybe they don't,
but someone does.

Lady Fairchilde was kind enough to send me an email today.
"Ready for your vacation in a few weeks?
FCP* has some new swimsuits if you need one!"

Turns out, Solé Swimwear carries Burquinis.

The controversy behind these suits makes my head spin.
But I think I'm going to pick one up
and bring it with me.
Not for me, of course,
but to hand out to the few people who
insist on going topless
but shouldn't.

No one needs to see those droopy loaves, honey.

*First Canadian Place


Anonymous said...

shiver me timbers!

lady fairchilde said...

You just had to write "loaves" at the end, didn't you? Now I'm hungry...

Anonymous said...

loaves in that context make you hungry? that is soooo weird!

..Fatin.. said...

hi :), um i just made myself a new blog .. so im new to this .. anyways .. i like your title and the way it has a border box around it .. and ive seen this in many other blogs .. so it would be really helpful for me if you mind telling me how you did it .. thank you so much and i hope you reply to me :)

Anonymous said...

LOL! You always make me laught. Are you doing the count down?